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Answering all of your silicone mask, costume and prop questions

Hi, I'm Steve, owner and chief coffee maker at Mind Magic Studios. Here's what you'll find on this blog and how to contribute.

How to research and buy a silicone mask, costume or prop

My customers often ask me similar questions when they are researching and buying a silicone mask and planning a costume.

In the Mind Magic Studios blog I set out to answer all the common and less common questions, what to think about when making your choice, and why I believe our UK made silicone masks are the best option for a whole range of uses, including:

  • scare attractions

  • haunted houses, haunt attractions and fright night events

  • immersive events and productions

  • Halloween themed parties and events

  • horror and fantasy themed escape rooms

  • television, theatre and film productions

  • film and drama school costume departments

  • horror, creature, fantasy and movie / film collectors

How and where to wear your Mind Magic Studios silicone mask, costume or prop

I have been an active cosplayer for many years with the 501st and Reel Icons. I am also an avid collector of movie memorabilia. I remember what it was like starting out, so I will also be sharing:

  • everything costuming related that I wish I knew at the beginning of my costuming / cosplay journey

  • my insider tips and tricks for making and wearing the best costumes possible

  • how to display your silicone mask, costumes and props

  • great events and places to go to wear and enjoy yourself in costume

Time saved is time out enjoying yourself!

How our silicone masks are made in the UK with Hollywood realism

All our silicone masks, costumes and props are made in the UK by me. I combine British craftsmanship with industry standard methods and materials to ensure I provide you with Hollywood film quality products to wear, display and enjoy. I am often asked by customers about my processes so in this blog will also take you behind the scenes at Mind Magic Studios HQ with articles covering how I:

  • design horror, creature and fantasy silicone masks and costume

  • sculpt, cast, mould and paint silicone masks

  • weather costumes

Join in and submit your topic ideas, photos and videos

Please email me at if you would like to

  • suggest a topic

  • submit a photo of you looking epic in one of my silicone masks or using one of my costume pieces or props

  • contribute a guest blog

  • collaborate

All the best,

Steve Braund

Owner, Mind Magic Studios - we make reality a dream!

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1 Comment

Could you show how to take a silicone mask on and off properly please?

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