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Customer Gallery: UK Hellboy silicone mask

I love helping out our friends at Reel Icons with their charity fundraising endeavours and so I was thrilled to sculpt and make the UK Hellboy's silicone mask when he decided to embark on this costume build.

For the uninitiated, Reel Icons are part of the UK Garrison, a renowned not-for-profit UK costuming organisation who build crazily movie accurate costumes and use them to help raise money for charity.

Translated into sculptor speak: this Hellboy mask better be screen-accurate!

The lovely thing about helping out a costume club whose standards are sky high is that you know that the silicone mask you make will be complemented by an incredible costume and be used to do some equally bad-ass levels of charity work.

Since then I've had the pleasure of seeing the UK Hellboy putting his costume to good use at lots of charity events, such as Invasion Colchester, as well as witnessing the enthusiastic reaction to him at the fabulous MCM London Comic Con.

Happily, Hellboy survived the zombie horde who tried to eat him at MCM London Comic Con, and went on to help delight visitors to Rayleigh Trinity Fair. As you can see he spent time talking weapons and doing manly posing with Master Chief from Halo.

UK Hellboy is sometimes accompanied by Johan Krauss at Reel Icons charity appearances, whose costume was expertly built by fellow Reel Icons member Lee McCormack. This is one of the most phenomenal costume builds we have ever seen, comprising animatronics, smoke and some serious engineering. Take a look and prepared to be blown away at the effort, intelligence and craftsmanship involved to make what had only appeared previously on screen a wearable, functional costume:

Lee McCormack - Johann Krauss Costume Build

Massive Big Red thanks to the UK Hellboy for inviting me to make his custom Hellboy silicone mask. Keep an eye on the UK Garrison Upcoming Events webpage or the Reel Icons Facebook page for forthcoming events.


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