1989 Batman costume armour

1989 Batman costume armour

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Full set of costume armounr in tinted black polyurethane inspired by Tim Burton's groundbreaking 1989 film, Batman. The set includes polyurethane rubber chest armour piece, leg piece, forearm pads, calf pads and knees. It does not include cape, cowl, emblem, belt, boots, gloves or undersuit. The emblem, belt and boot armour can also be purchased separately - please see the product pages for each.


This Batman armour is cast in black 40 shore urethane with embedded powermesh for durability and to prevent tears. As a regular Batman costumer myself, I hand sculpted this set to be as screen accurate as possible - so no 3D printing! This armour has been designed to fit a flexible range of body sizes. It has so far been fitted to customers between 5 foot 6 inches and 6 foot 2 inches but please feel free to contact us with your measurements if you have any concerns.


Each set is custom made for you and us therfore unrefundable once you have placed your order. Please feel to message me with any questions beforehand. Please allow 4 weeks between order and dispatch. As each item is handmade to order it for you, although we try to achieve a quicker turnaround time,  this is not always possible during busy periods.

As all our products are crafted just for you to order, we regret that we cannot accept any returns or refunds once your order has been placed.
Please do contact us beofre ordeing if you have any questions.

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