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Mind Magic Studios prides itself on providing our clients with a warm, professional, and personal service. We want you to look and feel like a Hollywood star when wearing our silicone and resin masks, prosthetics, and costume pieces, or when using our props. If you smash it, we smash it. It’s a partnership made in magic!

Owner Steve Braund established Mind Magic Studios in 2014 to share his fascination with creatures and masks. Steve started by making hard-to-source costume parts, screen-accurate masks/cowls, and rubber body armor.  


After training with some of Hollywood and the UK’s best sculptors, Steve now designs and sells his own hyper-realistic silicone and resin masks, and designs and makes custom masks and prosthetics fx pieces and props. His clients include film, television, and theatre productions, scare attractions, costumers, and private art collectors.  He also makes mascot/logo masks for bands and games companies.


Steve has built a solid reputation for his creativity, attention to detail, and craftsmanship. His on-set experience with film directors and theatrical wardrobe departments, and as a regular mask-wearing comic-con costumer, means that he understands the exacting standards, quality, and wearability that you require. His knowledge of materials and industry-leading production techniques means that the result will be breathtaking whether it’s his designs or your own. 


Step into the magic, where every mask tells a story and every prop carries a piece of the dream.

Production credits

Mind Magic Studios on IMDb 

For 2024 release


  • Design and production of lead character mask and prosthetic fx pieces - Member's Club feature film

  • Design and production of horror mask - Fluxx feature film

  • Design and production of lead character mask - Manbaby feature film by Phil Hardy of Art Omnivores

  • Design and production of Rat masks and costume pieces for The Curb Rats band

  • Production of hyper-realistic resin eyeball prop - Idiomatic short film 

  • 3D design, print, and finishing of knives - Taped Up Families feature film by Steven Noel Sibley

  • Production of resin skull mask - Torture Day feature film by Steven Noel Sibley

  • Production of silicone goblin mask - The Beast of Riverside Hollow feature film by John Williams


  • Design and production of full-head silicone mask for Academy award-nominated writer and director Steve Oedekerk

  • Design and production of hair-punched full-head mascot/logo silicone mask for Twin Wizards gaming company

  • Design and production of lead character creature mask - Beauty and the Beast Christmas theatre production by G.A.D.O.C.

  • Design and mask production - Fat Eye Blink Blink feature film


  • Design and production of lead character creature mask - ManFish feature film

  • Prosthetic wound design and application - Don't Cry for Bombadier feature film


  • BBC News, Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker European Premiere, silicone mask worn by red carpet parade performer. 


  • Feature film concept horror mask design and production - Amstar Productions

  • Design and production of horror mask - House Of Horror scare attraction, UK




  • ​Channel 4, Britain’s Favourite Superhero documentary, Batman costume and cowl worn by featured costumer.

  • Latex Fashion TV costuming feature, rubber superhero armour, cowl and  claws worn by featured costumers.

  • Johnnie & Todds Den short docu-film, rubber​ superhero armour, cowl and  claws worn by featured costumers.


  • BBC1, 800th anniversary of the Lord Mayor's Show - Catwoman cowls and claws worn by parade performer 

Mind Magic Studios Steve Braund and Don Lanning with Mr Punch sculpture

Steve Braund and Don Lanning


When Steve completed the prestigious creature sculpting course, taught by Hollywood sculpting legend Don Lanning at Gorton Studio, Don had this to say:

"Concept & Sculpture = A+. On point and focused, you can brainstorm with Steve and get some real options on the menu before hitting the clay! Thank you Brother!!!" 

Michael Keaton's Batman stuntman, the late Dave Lea, after wearing our armour for a photoshoot during a UK visit said:.

"The suit was so good I wanted to take it back to the US with me!"

5 star Reviews

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ManFish awards and nominations

ManFish movie poster
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