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How do you make your silicone masks?

We make all our silicone masks from industry leading platinum silicone rubber. This offers unparalleled strength and flexibility. Silicone rubber is very durable but also great for recreating fine sculpted textures so is the perfect choice for creating your hyper realistic mask.  We paint your mask with premium silicone paint which provides incredible detail and amazing depth of colour.

Are silicone masks comfortable to wear?


Masks made from silicone are very soft and comfortable to wear. Some people like to wear a hair net to make it easier to put on and take off so it doesn’t grab onto your hair. Our masks are full head masks and so completely cover your head, neck and part of your chest and back. This means with suitable clothes or body armour there are no gaps between your costume, skin and mask. The only areas that may still be visible may be around your mouth and eyes. A little suitable coloured make up will soon put this right.

Are silicone masks difficult to put on?

All our masks are super fast to put on and take off. You can transform into a Hollywood creature feature in seconds! Once the mask is on with a small amount of adjustment it will sit nicely in place. We ship instructions with your mask that include tips on how to put on and remove your mask safely.

Will your mask fit my head?

We clearly list our masks as male or female fit and so they should fit the average sized head in either case. If you have any concerns at all, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can discuss your head measurements with you. Whilst our masks are a generic fit, we are all beautifully unique. Fit cannot be guaranteed but our masks will likely fit most people.

Why are silicone masks better than make up?

If you want a consistent film quality character that you can create in moments then a silicone mask will always beat hours recreating a makeup.  You can travel to comic con or a Halloween party in comfort and quickly put the mask on before making your grand entrance.  This also means less to carry as you aren’t lugging make up, a mirror and brushes around with you.

Silicone masks don’t make a mess. You’ll be the Halloween house guest of choice as you won’t be getting face or body paint all over someone’s crib. When it’s time to party and let your hair down, you can pop the mask off in moments and store it safely in a bag.
If you are a performer at a fright attraction or theatre show you can switch looks very quickly. This also potentially means you need fewer actors.  For all these reasons, the film industry loves silicone masks and so will you.

Why are there no silicone masks for sale under 100 bucks?

All our masks are from our own original designs that we sculpt, mould, hand cast and then hand paint with incredible movie-like detail. We use premium silicone paint and platinum silicone rubber. This type of professional Hollywood quality mask cannot be mass produced. Sadly we are seeing more and more inferior badly made masks out there on large e-commerce sites, some of which are recast from other people’s original work. Sloppy seconds? Ew. Do your home work - if the price looks too good to be true then it probably is.

How long will my mask last?

As long as wear and care instructions are followed your Mind Magic Studios silicone mask should give you years of frighteningly awesome pleasure. Treat it kindly even though you’ll be looking beastly.

Can I repair my mask if I tear it?

All our silicone masks are reinforced with our MagicMesh system for maximum durability. All premium mask makers will have their own approach to embedding mesh into the mask to minimise the risk of tears. Ours is a time consuming approach but one that we feel gives the most strength and stretch.

If you put on and take off your mask following the instructions that we ship with your mask this should avoid tears. However we all get distracted and sometimes accidents happen. If you do need to repair your mask then you can repair it with a silicone glue. We recommend silpoxy by Smooth-On. Wash the area you need to repair first with isopropyl alcohol, which is a common cleaning product that you can buy easily online.  Next use the silpoxy to glue the area requiring repair. It will need to be held together whilst the glue sets for a minimum of 15 minutes. We recommend that you leave the mask for at least an hour before using it. The longer the better. You can just sit, gaze and have a love moment with your mask whilst you wait.

How much movement is there in my mask?

We know that movement is important so we take care to make our masks in such a way that maximises the amount of movement you have. We are in the process of uploading movement videos of our masks to each product page so you can see for yourself.

Are custom paint effects available for your masks?

Absolutely. Please contact us before ordering to discuss your custom paint requirements.


I have an idea for a mask. Will you make it?


We love working with our customers so if you have an idea please drop us a line.




Where do you ship?

We ship internationally to most countries. Costs will vary depending on your location. When you order online through this site you will be provided with location specific shipping costs. Please check and budget separately for any additional customs fees that you may need to pay after your mask arrives in its destination country.  Please note our shipping company cannot deliver to addresses that are a PO Box number.

How fast do you ship?

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks between order and despatch as we custom make all masks to order. It is sometimes possible for us to ship more quickly so if you have a specific deadline please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Do I have to pay extra for shipping insurance?

Hell no! We ship all products fully tracked and insured as standard for peace of mind.

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