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How to avoid silicone mask scammers

The 3 places selling Mind Magic Studios products

There are websites popping up all the time who are listing my Mind Magic Studios original silicone masks, costumes and replica props for sale, complete with photos taken from this website and fake reviews.

Can I reassure anyone thinking of buying a Mind Magic Studios product that I only sell in three places:

  • My masks and costume pages on this website

  • My Etsy store

  • Very occasionally I list less than perfect items through Ebay at a reduced rate.

Unless you are buying second-hand/used, if you buy a silicone mask, costume or replica prop advertised as Mind Magic Studios from elsewhere then there is a strong possibility that you will either never receive your item or it will be a cheap copy.

Silicone masks under 100 bucks

The biggest giveaway that a site is a scammer is the price.

If you are serious about buying a professional, hyper-realistic silicone mask like you see in the Hollywood movies then a little research across the different companies making them will show you that these are high quality, premium products. The process to hand cast and hand paint silicone masks is time consuming. The masks are made from platinum silicone which does not come cheap.

As you can see from the screenshot below, these are mind-bendingly low prices that should set alarm bells ringing and put anyone off:

Be wary of fake reviews

Please do not take reviews as a sign that a site is legitimate.

Many scammer sites are complete with fake review. Here's a bunch of fake reviews of my silicone masks from a scammer site:

Report scammer websites

Unfortunately we are aware of a number of sites that are selling our original silicone masks as their own. If you spot any other scammer sites listing silicone masks, costumes or props then please do get in touch.


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