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How to repair a paint patch on a silicone mask

Steve from Mind Magic Studios

Steve from Mind Magic Studios explains why paint can abrade on a silicone mask and how to repair your mask if this happens.

Can silicone paint peel off a silicone mask?

We use Ecoflex rubber and Psycho Paint to make our masks. Both are industry standard amongst the mask making community and are made by a company called SmoothOn. The paint itself can't peel off the mask because it chemically bonds to the silicone surface, unlike for example when you use a Plasticoat on latex which can peel.

What causes paint to rub off a silicone mask?

If you wear your mask with a costume, particularly if the inside area of that costume is rough (such as a heavy cotton twill), it may rub on the surface of the mask and abrade the painted surface away. There isn't a way around this with silicone masks and paints because the silicone material is soft. It's the same effect as when you use a pencil rubber on paper - the pencil rubber gradually gets smaller because its abrading away. This can happen on all silicone masks if they are routinely rubbed against a rough surface.

How do I repair my silicone mask if the paint has rubbed away?

There are a number of methods available to fix up your silicone mask if the paint has rubbed away. In the video below, Steve demonstrates the method he uses on an area of a silicone mask where he has simulated the paint rubbing away. Steve will show you how to mix the paint and then apply it. The materials you will need are:

  • Sil-Poxy silicone rubber adhesive by SmoothOn

  • Mixing cup and mixing stick

  • Naptha

  • SmoothOn silicone pigment or good quality oil paint

  • Soft brush (or use an airbrush if you have the equipment and skill)

  • VOC mask if working indoors

We hope that helps. Please don't hesitate to drop Steve a line if you have any questions about mask care and repair. He's always very happy to help.



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