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Bespoke silicone masks at an affordable price

If you have a vision in your mind of a silicone mask that you would love to create then Mind Magic Studios can work with you each step of the way from design to finished mask:

  • Initial brainstorming to explore your ideas

  • Sketching and concept art

  • Prototype and finished mask

"Steve at Mind Magic Studios was amazing to work with and does amazing work. He took my verbal description of ideas and turned them into an amazing custom silicone mask! You absolutely can’t go wrong doing business with him" - Brandon J.

Batman Returns Catwoman Cowl

Actor safe
rubber claws

Black Background

Fully customised silicone masks

All Mind Magic Studios silicone masks are available with:

  • custom paint finishes

  • optional full or partial hair punching

  • extra blood and/or gore for zombie masks

Different paint and hair can dramatically change the character of how a mask looks. We're always happy to work with you to customise our existing masks to your needs. 

Special costume parts and props

Are you finding it difficult to locate an exact costume piece? Do you need a custom-made section of a costume? Are you looking for the perfect prop but just can't seem to find it?

We can help you with our bespoke service or we might already have the answer ready and waiting. Our previous bespoke work includes:

  • actor safe / con safe claws and props

  • prosthetic wound effects

  • part face character prosthetics

  • polyurethane rubber body suits and cowls

  • resin props

Custom Judge Dredd Helmet badge sculpt

Custom Welsh Judge Dredd
helmet badge

Joker prosthetic

Custom prosthetic

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