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"Fluxx" thriller world premiere featuring Mind Magic Studios' stunningly creepy horror mask

Our evil 'Room 13' polyurethane horror mask is a firm favourite with the independent film industry, and we're thrilled to see its latest outing revealed following the world premiere of 'FLUXX'. The feature has just screened as an Official Selection at the 2024 Mammoth Film Festival.

Fluxx movie featuring Mind Magic Studios horror mask
Source: VMI WorldWide

Huge congratulations to team Fluxx for their awesome work being recognised with three awards at the festival:

  • Best Actress - Shelley Hennig

  • Best Genre Film - Brendan Gabriel Murphy

  • Achievement in Filmmaking Feature - Cinematography - Kieran Murphy

Fluxx movie featuring Mind Magic Studios mask
Source: VMI WorldWide

Directed and co-written by Brendan Gabriel Murphy (co-founder of Altered State Entertainment), this psychological thriller features Shelley Hennig (Teen Wolf), Shiloh Fernandez (Evil Dead) and Tyrese Gibson (Fast & the Furious). Shot in Hawaii, the film tells the story of a Hollywood actress trying to rescue her famous missing husband. The catch? Every time she tries to leave her home, she suddenly gets looped back into the bathtub where she awoke previously, not knowing how or why she got there. You can watch the trailer on Vimeo.

Fluxx movie film poster

We love the neon and black vibe. Our mask is also featured on the movie poster with its creepy slasher customisations by costume designer Anninka Velie (The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, Arctic Apocalypse and Jurassic Galaxy). Here's our creepy original mask in its unaltered form:

Mind Magic Studios Fluxx movie mask

The supporting cast includes Henry Ian Cusick (Lost), Charlotte McKinney (Baywatch), Jeff Perkins (Echo Boomers), Lance Paul (Never and Again), Michael A. Milligan (Outer Banks) and Tanner Beard (We Summon the Darkness). Here's a recent interview by The Loop Studio where Brendan Murphy and Jeff Perkins talk about Fluxx and how it pays homage to different film genres.

Stay tuned to Distrokid as 'Running with Sxissors' by Chromosomes and Lexie Beard from the Fluxx soundtrack drops on 20 March 2024.

Fluxx Running with Sxissors album art

Huge thanks to team Fluxx for choosing a Mind Magic Studios mask. We wish you and VMI Worldwide all the best when the film showcases to buyers at the forthcoming European Film Market. We can't wait to see the movie for ourselves!



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