18th century rum bottle replica polyurethene

18th century rum bottle replica

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This replica is moulded from an original 18th century rum bottle found in Britain. An ideal display piece, or for costuming (e.g. Captain Jack Sparrow) or LARP use. The bottle is cast in clear polyurethane plastic, tinted green. It measures 20cm high and is 9cm diameter at the base. Please note the bottle is made from non food safe materials so please do not use this as a drinking vessel, or transportation of liquids for consumption. This is a display or prop piece only but it is a functional bottle so will take liquid should you decide your bottle needs a convincing rum smell, savvy?


These beautiful hand made items may contain imperfections, which do not constitute faults, and capture the texture and shape of a 300 year old bottle. 


This rum bottle is hand made to order just for you therefore we are unable to accept returns. Please allow up to two weeks between order and dispatch. If you have a more urgent need, please contact us and we will try to help if possible.


As all our products are crafted just for you to order, we regret that we cannot accept any returns or refunds once your order has been placed.
Please do contact us beofre ordeing if you have any questions.

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