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Clown silicone mask launch

Scary clowns? Evil clowns? Killer clowns? We love 'em all!

Mind Magic Studios are thrilled to launch a brand new original clown silicone mask. Meet Uncle Bingo - he has escaped from the big top and is definitely not someone you want to meet down a dark alleyway.

He is a gruesome fella with flayed eye sockets held open by metal pins (silver painted silicone) so he just can't rest and he is REALLY cranky because of it!

This freaky clown face mask features the fantastic skin texturing and detail that Mind Magic Studios are known for, creating a hyper realistic, film quality professional clown mask.

Want a Joker clown mask?

As with all our masks, you can customise the paint, hair and resin eyes in your choice of colours and design. So if you want a Joker paint finish - or any other paint finish you can imagine up - then just get in touch. We'd love to hear your ideas.

How can I look freaky without contact lenses?

We have a lot of customers who want their eyes to look non-human but who cannot or do not want to wear contact lenses. If you are the same then this is the mask for you! Uncle Bingo features our custom resin eyes and you look out from behind mesh that sits just above them. We give you all the blood shot creepiness without the faff or expense of contact lenses.

Scary clown silicone mask trailer

Uncle Bingo makes a great silicone Halloween clown mask but the circus comes to visit all year round so don't just save him for Halloween - he's the perfect horror mask for any event.

Scary clown silicone mask movement video


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