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Klawdeen zombie silicone mask - female fit

It might the summer but here at Mind Magic Studios every day is Halloween, so let's say hi to the gorgeous Klawdeen, who is an original design female fit zombie silicone mask and only available here at Mind Magic Studios.

This sexy zombie gal really went through the wars on her journey to becoming undead. She features a bite to her neck and yes, for accuracy, we really bit into the clay to get this correct!

Klawdeen also has deep wounds to her face where her victim tried to fight her off. She is available with your choice of glossy fresh or matte dried blood.

She is photographed here with our realistic skin feature paint finish but as with all our masks we are happy to customise the paint to your own design.

If you would like your zombie mask to have hair then get in touch and we can discuss how much hair you would like, from partial to a fully hair punched head of hair.

She's perfect for Halloween but she's hungry for meat, so why not wear her all year round?

Zombie mask movement video



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