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Norcon 2021 and Ogre silicone mask launch

Mind Magic Studios was thrilled to be asked to do some live sculpting at Norcon, a fantastic Comic Con, where we also launched Brandlewyn the ogre silicone mask. In this blog you can:

  • Learn about how we made the ogre mask

  • View our mask movement video

  • Watch a live broadcast from Norcon

How to make an ogre mask that isn't a Shrek mask

We designed Brandlewyn to be a friendly ogre who definitely doesn't eat children. With Shrek being such a well known ogre it was important for us to achieve something very different with this mask, while still showing that he is very obviously an ogre.

To achieve this we avoided having any cartoon vibe about him. Instead we went for detailed hyper realistic skin texture, gnarly human style ears, warts, wrinkles, lumps and bumps.

We also didn't want this ogre mask to look as youthful as Shrek, so we put a lot of time into adding weight around his face to create a slightly older look. You can see this in the folds of fat around his neck and chin.

We think Brandlewyn is partial to a tankard of ogre ale so he has a ruddy nose in the paint finish photographed. As always though we are very happy to customise the paint design of our masks to your requirements. The only limit is your imagination!

This ogre silicone mask is a great addition to our range of Mind Magic Studios masks, and we think he would work great for children's entertainers as well as LARP and DnD cosplay.

Mask movement video

Norcon - the friendliest of Comic Cons

Thank you to everyone for making us feel very welcome. Meeting Johnny 5 from Short Circuit was a real highlight, as was looking after the 1989 Batmobile in my '89 Michael Keaton bat suit, aided by Catwoman (aka Mrs Mind Magic Studios) on the Saturday.

There is a reason SciFi Now magazine described Norcon as, “..probably the friendliest convention on Earth”. We completely agree and hope to be back in 2022. Until then, here's a short film we made of the event.


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