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Cad silicone mask

Cad silicone mask


Please allow up to 30 working days between order and dispatch.


This Cad Bane mask is perfect for your bounty hunter cosplay. In addition to detailed realistic skin texture in platinum silicone, the mask comes with mirrored, coloured lenses to hide your eyes and so the visibility is great. The breathing tubes are screen accurate and made with cold cast aluminium. They are attached to the mask with magnets so they can be removed and adjusted as needed. See  our mask movement video and costume build video for more footage.

Our Cad Bane bolero hat to accompany your costume is also available to purchase separately.




We produce all our silicone masks using industry-standard soft platinum silicone for a scarily realistic look and feel. 


Unlike latex, a silicone mask will cling to your face like a second skin allowing a good range of facial movement.


We cast your mask in translucent coloured silicone which provides an incredible canvas for achieving depth of colour and realism. We carefully hand paint each mask to bring out