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How to make an animatronic Tooth Fairy costume from Rise of the Guardians

Imagine a costume with animatronic eyes that move exactly in line with when you move your own eyes. One that looks good enough that it could have walked straight off a DreamWorks cartoon film and into real life. Impossible? Actually no!

I was sculpting at a table at Birmingham Megacon in March 2022 and saw the most amazing costumer I think I've ever seen walk past, which was the Rise of the Guardians Tooth Fairy with full animatronic eye tracking technology. I have attended so many conventions and seen so much wonderful creativity but quite honestly this costume just takes things to another level!

I love using my Mind Magic Studios blog to showcase excellent and inspiring costumes so I caught up later by video call with the amazing Stuart who designed the whole costume from scratch, including designing the whole eye-tracking system from scratch. Stuart used all his incredible engineering knowledge so that the Tooth Fairy could surprise his very, very lucky niece at her 7th birthday party. I think you will agree this is breath-taking considering it was his first ever costume build.

What's so impressive about this costume is the fact that the eye tracking system is so compact, using a system that is actually looking at the performer's eyes to enable the eyes and eyelashes to move. The head was sculpted with the help of a local sculptor to ensure the components (including cooling fans) would fit whilst leaving the wearer enough room, and then cast in silicone Ecoflex 0030.

Since launching the costume, Stuart has travelled the world visiting events such as MCM and London Film and Comic Con as well as conventions in San Diego and New York. If you would like to keep up with their adventures then check out their blog at Real Life 'Tooth' from 'Rise of the Guardians' (


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